Blocking Popup Ads

Many people are mistakenly coming to thinking that we are somehow the source of annoying pop-up internet ads. We are not, in fact we don't like them either. Popup ads are hidden in the HTML code of websites. And they can be blocked.

There are two types of internet pop-up ads, and you can block any of them based on preference settings for the browser you are using. If you would like to learn how to do this, instructions are here for you.

Types of Pop-Up Windows
There are two different types of popup windows. The first type are browser-created popups, those that are created by the web pages, or web sites, you are visiting. The operators of some web sites generate revenue by popping up ads on your computer while you are browsing their web site.

The second type of popup windows are software-created popups, those that are not created by a specific web site, but rather by software running in the background on your computer. Often times, you don't even know that you have this software on your computer.

For example, a common program that a lot of people use for downloading files is called Kazaa. When you install Kazaa, it also installs another program called SaveNow without you even knowing about it. SaveNow runs on your computer and while you are browsing the Internet, SaveNow, rather than the web sites you are visiting, will open up advertisement windows.

Browser Solutions
The easiest way to stop the bombardment is to not visit their site!! Unfortunately, you may prefer the content of a site that uses these ads. There are other solutions. You may write the webmaster of that site and ask them to consider an alternate advertising medium. Again not much chance here. But the best solution may be the browser you're using. The majority of browsers have incorporated pop-up blocking in the latest versions of their software. Netscape, Safari, and Mozilla are just some of the browsers that have incorporated pop-up blocking capabilities.

Software Solutions
You may have noticed the absence of certain browsers from above. Surprise, surprise. But, there are also many commercial products available to control popups in Internet Explorer and AOL. For more information, view the following link to find: Software to help you remove annoying Web Site Popup Ads.

There are several commercial products available to control adware or spyware. For more information, click this link to find: Software to help you remove Adware/Spyware.

We hope this information helps. We are, by no means, an expert in computer popup windows, but have been pressed into action due to our domain name. Please consider visiting our site to view our dimensional products — we promise that they are not annoying and they are definitely more fun.

Thank you for your patience.

This information provided by American Slide Chart Corporation as a courtesy to help improve everyone's enjoyment and understanding of the internet.